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May Page Turner

Mrs. Amico's Classroom Book Project

Mrs. Amico's Classroom Book Project

I would like to take a moment to thank Mrs. Julie Givens, Mateo's mom & our fabulous Room Mother who independently volunteered to take on the enormous project to reorganize our classroom library! She has spent countless hours here at school and at home, to give us the most beautiful classroom library I have ever seen! I sent along pictures in the June 2014 album for you to see. This project involved many steps. She began by researching appropriate bags to use for the student's individual browser bags to replace the baskets we had been using. We found awesome bags that are strong & colorful and should last for years and years to come. I purchased these bags with money provided by the PTO each year for teachers to use on classroom supplies. Next Julie painted one of our classroom walls & boards to attach hooks to. She mounted them on our newly painted wall where the browser bags now hang. After this she purchased new shelves & baskets that she gave to the school as a class donation, and put together the shelves for us! Finally she labeled each and every book in our classroom (over a thousand!) with colored tape that coordinates with the genre or level category it belongs with. The result is a warm, inviting, organized environment that recognizes that books are treasures that we care for, and are all excited to read! I can not thank her enough for this amazing gift and the knowledge that her gift will keep on giving, as each child grows in their priceless love for reading! - Mrs. Amico


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